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Food & Wine Distribution

Serving Europe

We work hard at sourcing great value, innovative and artisan products to meet our customers’ needs. We partner with brands and businesses that are as passionate about wine & food as we are and who provide unique products.

Europe has a rich heritage of craftsmanship and an unrivalled global reputation for fine, high quality wine and foods thus we only source and distribute products from E.U.


A close and friendly relationship with our customers and suppliers. We strive to add value in our partnerships by continuously exploring new opportunities and by working together. 



Easy fit , long lasting and customizable labels - Clipogoulo



B&B Distribution is a wine and food distributor - We keep it simple, honest and fair.

We are sourcing our Foods, Wines and other products directly from small and family producers in Europe (mainly in France) because we firmly believe that the future lies in their hands.

We are representing various small businesses that do not have the time, experience or size to export their products.

Our mission in connecting you with our partners ; offering products at a fair price but producers should also get a fair price for the hard work and commitment they put in. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for retailers and wholesalers to use their position to drive down the prices to the absolute minimum in order to maximize their profits. 

Our culture is rooted in strong partnerships with our vendors and customers. We are focused on continuous improvements that enhance our capabilities, differentiate our services, and deliver our vision.


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